Our Mission: To provide the individual with the power to bring their ideas to the real world. Our revolutionary custom order service is allowing YOU to turn your ideas into real products.


We accomplish this by creating a simple to use online product creation tool, advanced technologies in an end-to-end manufacturing process, and affordable prices by reducing traditional manufacturing costs.

How We Make It Happen:


We took an originally complicated process and simplified it through making an easy to use product creation tool, followed by end-to-end 3D modeling, 3D printing, painting, and shipping. For the first time ever individuals can have manufacturing power at their fingertips without vast sums of money or experience in design.


We harnessed the advanced technology of Masked Stereolithography Apparatus 3D Printing and engineered a production system specifically designed for our custom order service. This means we can produce quality custom work over and over again in less time than standard manufacturing processes.


With our simple and efficient production system, we can produce a higher volume of products in less time and lower the price of every creation. Our company only invests in resources for our product creation service, meaning you only pay for your product instead of paying for large corporation's liabilities and expensive operating costs.

Our Simplified Order Process


What Will You Create?

Meet Our Talented Team

Nathan Unruh

Founder and CEO in Maple Ridge, Canada

Nathan is our founder and CEO who has a passion for always improving our service to the customers. Starting prop making from his bedroom, Nathan now handles all executive tasks and company management, as well as production on our service, website design, and customer service.

Richard Lord

Product Designer in Lance, United Kingdom

Richard is a skilled designer with several years of education in digital art. He designs all our products in 3D Modeling software for us to 3D print and ship out as finished products. Richard loves film and gaming art and will be just as passionate about your creation as you are.

Shakila Liyanage

Digital Marketer in Vancouver, Canada

Shakila is an experienced marketing professional with a strong will for learning and improvement. She works with Nathan to design, run and manage marketing initiatives to put us in front of new customers. With Shakila's help, we can use our growth to continuously bring more value to your orders.

Jon Decker

Content Creator in Montana, United States

Jon is a media specialist with a bachelor's degree in journalism and extensive experience in photography, videography, and writing. With his passion for storytelling, he works with Nathan to document our work, create a variety of compelling content, and share our journey with those who we serve.


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